Case Study: AnswerDash (Part 1)

11.01.2016 |

Episode #8 of the course “SEO Fundamentals” by HubSpot Academy


Are you ready to see some examples of how companies have applied their SEO strategy? Let’s dive in.

Take a look at a company called AnswerDash to see what a successfully optimized page looks like.




AnswerDash is a venture-backed company that provides instant answers to common questions, right on a company’s website. In effect, this cuts down on the number of customer support calls. Visitors can click on anything they have questions about, and AnswerDash will display the frequently asked questions and answers about that topic. And if visitors can’t find the answers they need, they can ask a new question.

As a startup, AnswerDash wanted to achieve two important goals: to develop a website optimized for generating leads and to acquire 100 customers within their first six months.

By creating an optimized website, they saw a:

– 60% increase in monthly leads
– 55% increase in social media traffic
– 10% increase in website traffic

All within the first 2 months. Let’s take a look at two of their pages to see how they did it.

First, let’s look at the site page about live chat integrations. Did they pick the right keyword?




They’re addressing a common topic that their buyer personas might want to learn about—how their software integrates with live chat. They’re directly speaking to the possible concerns of their personas.

Second, they’re mimicking the language that their buyer personas would actually use in their searches. “Customers appreciate the speed and convenience of self-service, but when they run into difficulty, it’s important to allow them to seamlessly connect to you for more personalized assisted service.”

And finally, they’ve created content that uses natural language and variations on the long-tail keyword instead of using the same exact phrase over and over.

Next, have they optimized this page?




You can see that they have their primary long-tail keyword in the page title, URL, and body, and though you can’t see it, behind the image in the alt-text as well.


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