Buyer Persona + Buyer’s Journey = Success

10.03.2016 |

Episode #3 of the course “How to do email marketing the inbound way” by HubSpot Academy


Buyer personas are so, so important to inbound strategy, but how does this foundational idea help you write better emails?

Sending targeted content dramatically increases open rates and click-through rates. In fact, emails sent to segmented lists receive 62% more clicks than emails sent to non-segmented lists.

There are two important factors to keep in mind when starting to segment your emails:

A clear definition of your buyer’s persona that helps you define your audience

Where is your audience in the buyer’s journey?

Here’s an example of how a buyer persona and buyer’s journey combine for better targeting.

Let’s say you’re selling washing machines. Your ideal customers are middle-aged homeowners who live in the suburbs. They’re interested in energy efficiency, but their pain point is the higher cost of efficient washing machines. They tend to compare options online before making large purchases, since they want to be confident in their decision to buy such a big-ticket item.

A clear definition of your buyer persona helps you define your audience. You have a crystal clear picture of WHO will be on the other side of the email.

Now you have to consider a second factor: Where is your audience in the buyer’s journey? Sending a great email to the right buyer persona at the WRONG time can be a HUGE problem.

Say, for example, our homeowners are still researching whether to even purchase a washing machine at all, never mind what type. The old machine works just fine, so right now they are just looking to learn more, not necessarily make a purchase.

If you start sending them emails for coupons, rebates, or offers to trade in their old machine, it would seem extremely pushy and may cause the lead to unsubscribe. And when someone unsubscribes, you’ve essentially lost them for good.

An email that is perfectly positioned for someone in the decision stage could be pretty jarring to someone who’s not looking to buy anything right now. But an email with the right information that hits a prospect’s inbox at just the right time—well, that could be a breath of fresh air!

Use buyer personas and the buyer’s journey to guide you in slicing and dicing your contacts into the right segments. See how those two ideas play together? They’re a great foundation to an effective segmentation strategy.


Recommended book

“Buyer Personas: How to Gain Insight into your Customer’s Expectations, Align your Marketing Strategies, and Win More Business” by Adele Revella


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