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25.07.2017 |

Episode #10 of the course Blogging for business: Learn how to write blogs that convert by Abidemi Sanusi


Congratulations on getting to the end of the course! You’ve come a long way.

In this course you have learned about the benefits of blogging for your business. It can help attract leads to your business, drive traffic to your website and also help establish your company as an industry thought leader.

You have also learned:

• How to research blog topics that your customers will like: by conducting competitive analysis using search marketing tools like Spyfu.

• What SEO is and why it is important for your business blog: SEO is the process of optimizing your blog for search, so that it does well in search engine results and, in the process, connect you to prospects searching for your services/products.

• The best keyword research tool to use: keyword research is one of the fundamental aspects of SEO. If you do not know the long tail keywords that people are using to search for your services, then you cannot create content around those words, and consequently, appear in search engine results for your target audience.

• How to write blogs that search engines and people love: people consume content differently. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different blog types. For example, video blogs, infographics and other images. There is more than one way to communicate a blog topic, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

• Blogging etiquette: a common-sense guide to blogging. Call it a get-out-of-blogging-jail card.

• How to market your blog effectively: the tools you need to get your blog read and shared.

And more.


The fear of over-delivering on your blog

Many businesses think that if they share their knowledge on their blog, they will lose their prospects. After all, why would anyone buy their services if they’re giving away the information for free?

This is a valid concern. But, here’s another way to look at it: you’re building trust between your prospect and yourself and reassuring them that you are an expert in your field and that you know what you are doing. People are far more likely to buy your services after you have demonstrated your expertise in your field, and the best way to do that is by blogging about what you do.

Take a look at these business blogs to see how the companies have built trust with their prospects and wooed them into being customers, simply by empowering them with information:

Co-operative Legal Services

Norton Anti-Virus

There is, of course, a lot more to business blogging than what you have learned in the last 10 days. However, you have learned more than enough to help you blog successfully and get those vital leads for your business.

Blogging works. Like most things in life (and business), it takes a bit of effort, but stick with it, and you will be sure to get your ROI.


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