Best Practice 4: Test, Analyze, and Get Results

10.03.2016 |

Episode #10 of the course “How to do email marketing the inbound way” by HubSpot Academy


As in every stage in the Inbound Methodology, you want to be sure you test and analyze your emails.

Here are some things that are worth measuring:

Delivery Rate: This will answer the question of whether you even stand a chance at success. Is your email even getting to your contacts? If you dig in here, there are some specific metrics that will clue you in to the health of your email list. Both hard and soft bounces are good indicators of the shape of your contact database. Lots of hard bounces means fake or out-of-service email addresses, while soft bounces mean that your email is was almost delivered  but got caught in a spam filter.

Open Rate: Yes, it’s nice to track the open rate. But note that this metric only tells you the effectiveness of your subject line, not your offer.

Click Rate: Simply put, this metric will track people engaging with your emails. Remember that clicks aren’t valuable just because someone clicked. It’s what lies on the other side of the click that matters.

Contact Churn: These are people who unsubscribed after receiving an email.

It’s also useful to see what links people are clicking on. Are you doing a good job of driving people to click on the CTA that helps you achieve your goal, or are people getting distracted? Check URL click popularity, unsubscribe link clicks, social shares, and the CTA click rate.

The last best practice is all about results. Make the most of your emails by setting up an A/B test. Use it to learn more about your emails/audience. You can improve your total clicks by testing the email and then sending the winning version.

Take a deep breath and let that all sink in. Just remember, defining the goal of your email, personalizing, focusing on driving engagement, and testing and analyzing your emails are all critical to your inbound success.


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